Design your own adventure!  Imagine yourself here.  Reset and reinvent yourself ~ stay on the Evans Farm. 

Welcome to Glamping on the Evans Farm.   Our original Glamping Tent ~ Glamp by the River was created in 2015.  It offers a 12 x 17 Montana Canvas Wall Tent located on a blue pine platform with a five foot deck.  The wall tent was intentionally situated to provide excellent privacy, great amenities, and a view of the surrounding Wallowa Mountains including the Hurricane Creek Canyon.  The tent is furnished with a Queen sized bed, a closet, mirror, desk, compact refrigerator, table and chairs.  Warm your space with a wood stove (lighter, fire starter, and wood provided), or a small electric heater.  Electrical and fresh well water provided.  A few steps behind the Tent is a wonderfully unique outdoor shower.  Constructed from native NE Oregon lumber the shower boasts a great view and hot running water! 

You will be surrounded by the sounds of the farm.  Frogs sing you to sleep in the spring and early summer, a marvelous variety of birds call this home, and the Farm's Welsh ponies will be in residence.  Our Nubian and Nigerian Dwarf Dairy goats kid each spring.  

Explore the thirty acres of woodland and fish in the Wallowa River.  We all welcome you. 

We are excited to introduce The Cottonwood Tent for the 2018 season.  The 12" x 17" Montana Canvas Wall Tent stands on a beautiful 24" long wooden platform which provides a generous 7" deck.  Named for the old grove of huge native Cottonwoods it stands under, the Cottonwood boasts it's own unique ambience.   Enjoy your well appointed tent, sit on your deck and plan your next adventure.  Easy access.